Too many people sleep on the wrong thing.  Old mattresses, worn-out mattresses and low quality mattresses steal quality sleep from millions of people each and every year.  How do these awful beds really affect you?

1.  Aches and Pains.  If you wake up in the morning with aches and pains, your mattress is probably the culprit.  Metal coils contained in innerspring mattresses create pressure points and can cause some serious aches and pains.
2.  Poor circulation.  Bad beds cause pressure points.  These pressure points inhibit blood from circulating throughout your body properly.  Decrease levels of blood flow can cause serious health problems.  These problems include, but are not limited to,: lethargy, decreased memory, lack of mental clarity, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, numbness in the body’s extremities, sudden weight loss, cramps and much more.
3.  Low Productivity.  Research has shown that individuals who do not receive a proper night’s rest are less productive than those who do receive a good night’s rest.  Just think about how much productivity you lose because you wake up feeling sluggish and unproductive.
4.  Low Oxygen Flow.  Oxygen is one of the most important components of the human body.  Oxygen is especially important during sleep.  Pressure points created by insufficient mattresses inhibit oxygen flow.  Many of the body’s systems are severely affected.  In fact, none of the systems of the body can function properly when oxygen is restricted.  The brain, heart, kidneys, liver and more are affected and potentially damaged with a lack of oxygen.
There is no sense in dealing with these issues caused by bad beds.  A latex mattress topper can eliminate all of these dilemmas and can change the way you sleep and the way you function.  Try a latex bed for an rv mattress and discover the difference for yourself.
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